Pool Maintenance

We’ll handle all the dirty jobs so you can enjoy a clean and safe pool. 


Service Plans

Basic Plan Includes:

Remove Waste in Skimmer Baskets, Pump Baskets, and Pool Cleaners
Test and Balance Water
Backwash / Clean Filter
Ensure All Equipment is Functioning Property

Detailed Plan Includes Everything Above Plus:

Blow Off Pool Deck
Vacuum Pool
Removes Debris from Pool
All of Our Service Plans Are Budget Friendly!
We Put The Fun Back Into Your Pool!

There’s no need for you to worry about maintaining your pool, let us handle all the dirty work, and you can have all the fun. We offer a budget friendly monthly chemical maintenance program! We will come out once a month to test your water, balance all chemicals and ensure proper equipment function. You no longer have to take time out of your busy life getting your water sample to a pool store.

Count on Us for Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Monthly Pool Maintenance Services

Is your swimming pool dirty and contaminated? Don’t wear yourself out trying to clean it – leave it to the experts at Sweet Southern Pools to handle it for you. Our team provides weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly pool maintenance.

Whether you choose basic or detailed with basic or detailed pool maintenance services, you can expect only high-quality work. We’ll get our hands dirty so you can enjoy a clean and safe pool all season long. Our comprehensive pool services include the following:

Winterize, drain, refill, and startup chemicals

If you cover your pool for the winter, give us a call to  drain your lines and do a proper winterization. We also install custom safety covers.

Tile and pebble tec cleaning

Calcium hardness is common in Georgia water, so it’s not uncommon to find calcium lines rings around your swimming pool. Our experts offer pool owners convenient methods to clean calcium rings off your tile and pool area.

If you take your pool water sample to a retail pool store, they’ll likely recommend a shortlist of expensive chemicals to buy but their employees likely lack the knowledge in understanding the process that will transform your pool from green to sparkling clean. Reach out to our pool experts that will know the exact amount of chemicals required to get your pool looking and staying crystal clear.

We go the extra mile to enlighten you on the factors that caused the green pool. Then we’ll work with you to create and implement a plan to resolve the root of the issue instead of treating just the symptoms.

Routine Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Services

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