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Pool Sanitation Services

The experts at Sweet Southern Pools provide top-quality pool sanitation services. We know the right methods of installing, repairing, or replacing systems so you can safely enjoy your pool.
Top-Quality Pool Sanitation Services
Chlorine has been a preferred disinfectant for pool sanitation – be it in the liquid, granular, or tablet form – as it kills dangerous bacteria and algae. Studies over the years have shown the dangers that emerge from pool chemicals, as pool technicians have shifted focus on keeping a pool blue, more than being concerned about high chlorine content in the water that’s harmful to you and your family.

The experts at Sweet Southern Pools have been providing top-quality pool sanitation services for over 10 years. We know the right methods of installing, repairing, or replacing systems so you can safely enjoy your pool. As part of our weekly pool care and maintenance services, we’ll lower the chlorine level and pair it with an excellent sanitizing system that will give your pool a crystal-clear look

If you’re a first responder or active military personnel, you’ll get 10% OFF our services. Fill out our form for more details.

Cleaning System Services

Rely on us for top-quality pool cleaning system repairs that includes vacuum repairs and replacements and ask about on-site cleaner repairs for select models. Call us today for a FREE estimate.
Quick Pool Cleaning System Repairs
Sweet Southern Pools LLC offers a large variety of cleaning systems including:

Pressure side cleaners
Manual vacuums and much more

A crucial part of our job during our weekly service is inspecting and maintaining these cleaning systems as an excellent cleaning system is vital to maintaining a clean pool. Ask about on-site cleaner repairs select model

Salt System Installations

If you’re looking to install a salt system for your pool or replace an existing salt system that has quit working or is outdated rely on the licensed and experienced professionals at Sweet Southern Pools to get that done for you.

The following are some benefits of salt systems:
Natural chlorine produced by salt
Gentle on eyes and skin
Soft water feel

Chlorine has been a preferred disinfectant for pool sanitation for many years. As new technology becomes available, studies show the dangers of high chlorine levels not only to your health but to the pool’s surfaces, equipment, and everything around it. There are many reasons to switch to saltwater sanitizing including it being softer on the skin and gentler for people with skin conditions or anybody that may be allergic to chlorine.
Saltwater is not perfect for everyone but may be an option for most pools. Contact us today for a quote.

Excellent Covers to Protect Your Swimming Pool

Reach out to the team at Sweet Southern Pools for excellent pool covers to keep your pool clean and protected. We install safety covers for all in ground pools. Call us today for more details.

You can also explore our pool repair and pool maintenance services and get in touch with us to learn more. We provide 10% OFF services for active military personnel and first responders.

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